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About Sam Steel

Sam Steel has always had a passion for people and property. After managing and running one of the busiest restaurants in Auckland City he decided from a very young age to insert himself into the property industry learning off top agents and training alongside some of the best in New Zealand.  After over 6 years in the industry Sam has proven himself to be vastly experienced with sales, developing skills in negotiations, marketing strategies and the majority of his listings coming from repeat and referral business.  Choosing an agent with strong marketing skills, database management and market knowledge is EXTREMELY important.


There is no such thing as a “quiet market”.


Something Sam has always believed in and stands by is his honesty from the get-go.  “I like the real estate speech to stay the same throughout the listing period”.  Too many agents change their speech after the dotted line is signed.  Honesty up front regarding price, getting the home ready for sale, the market and honest buyers feedback throughout the campaign is just one of the keys to a successful sale.


You have all heard it before so here we go again………………………. Call me today for a FREE market appraisal.


  • Michael

    “Above and beyond. In my humble opinion, getting the right agent to sell your property is vital. I have experienced many types of agents and the ones that don't engage properly, or don't work hard enough for you, or that are full of hot air and...”

  • Trish Holster

    “Sam exceeded my expectations of a real estate agent on ALL dimensions! Both the sale price for my property and the time to close the contract exceeded my expectations that were based on market data. Equally important, Sam is absolutely client-cent...”

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